THE LEGAL TEAM – the On-line Compliance and Document Management Tool

Many organizations have invested significant time and in some cases limited resources, trying to design and implement an effective contract and compliance program. Internally, they may have generated hundreds or thousands of pages of project plans, summaries of laws, task lists and checklists as well as a plethora of related policies, contracts, processes and reports.

But they still can’t see the wood for the trees!

Placing these documents into an enterprise wide application which not only advises and instructs but also manages one’s contract and compliance requirements is another story.

In response to this conundrum, i.e. where compliance and contracts are manually processed in an ad hoc manner, we have developed a unique compliance and contracts management tool, which using a multitude of contract and policy templates as well as compliance related documents and tools, together with current and up to date statute and legal content, establishes, manages and monitors an organization’s compliance and contract tasks and functions.

This data rich contract and compliance management tool can be used by the entire organization to drive and manage its contract and compliance requirements; important legal functions.

Importantly, the Legal Team manages and houses all contract and compliance related tasks under a centralised umbrella portal, where requirements from a policy, contract and compliance perspective using the data provided, can in an integrated and aligned manner, be planned, developed, implemented, acted and reported on, across the entire business, demonstrating to internal stakeholders, clients and partners that the organization is compliant.

Following the above, the Legal Team is a Comprehensive Regulatory, Compliance and Contract Management Tool created by a Team of Legal and IT experts in response to the increased Legal and Business demands which are being placed on Legal and Compliance Functions and the staff who make up these essential departments within organisations.

These increased Legal and Business demands include, inter alia, the requirements and related responsibility to:

  • Manage the organization’s legal, regulatory and compliance responsibilities and related obligations and rights
  • Identify and document the Acts, Regulations, Codes and Rules (laws) which applies to the organization, its business functions, departments or units and to its employees and service providers
  • Identify and document the related compliance risks should the organization be unaware of the laws or fail to comply with the laws
  • Identify the consequences which the organization may suffer or face should these compliance risks materialise
  • Identify and implement the required compliance obligations and related compliance controls which are prescribed under each law and best practices in order to minimise or possibly even eliminate the identified risks and consequences of non-compliance
  • Draft and implement the required and / or appropriate policies and procedures which instruct and guide the organization’s employees and service providers on their respective business, legal and compliance responsibilities, duties, tasks and obligations
  • Ensure that all permits, approvals and authorizations which the organization needs in order to legitimately trade and which are required as per the applicable laws are in place, are up to date and / or renewed, and that the relevant conditions and terms as per the permits or approvals are followed and complied with
  • Ensure that all statutory reports prescribed under the laws are submitted to the regulators by the organization , in the right format, timeously and that any requests made by the regulators are followed and complied with
  • Draft, create and manage all agreements and contracts which the organization concludes with business and contracting parties
  • Project manage a multitude of legal and business tasks, which have to be performed by the legal and compliance function, on a day-to-day basis


Ultimately ensuring that the organization’s legal, contractual, compliance and regulatory functions and tasks are managed on an enterprise wide basis.

Lee’s Compliance software tool is a one-stop legal portal, housing all regulatory information applicable to your organization  – Acts, Regulations and related summaries, articles, templates, checklists and guidelines – your virtual compliance library and office, all under one roof and online all the time, enabling the entity or any of its business units or subsidiaries, to measure, ascertain and improve its respective levels of compliance with the relevant and applicable laws.

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