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Your ONE-STOP Compliance Tool

Does your Organization have an effective enterprise wide Compliance Program which:

  • Identifies the laws which apply to your operations?
  • Sets out what has to be complied with, and the consequences of non-compliance?
  • Manages the various components which make up the Compliance Program?


The Legal Team is able to provide your Organization with all of these requirements, housed under one Compliance Management System.  These are the “Components” which we cover:



The Umbrella Report sets out all the laws which apply to an Organization and its various areas of operation and details who is responsible for compliance with these laws. Certain areas of the Umbrella report can be adjusted in line with the Organization’s Risk methodologies including the risk rate allocated to each law, the type of risks and related consequences of non-compliance as well as the controls which should be in place within the Organization to manage these risks. The Umbrella Report not only gives the Organization an umbrella overview of the laws which apply to its operations, but also tracks and indicates whether the Organization is complying with these laws, using a level of compliance metric, which is pulled from the Compliance task part of the system. The entire listing of laws housed under the Umbrella report, or selected parts, can be pulled in to a Compliance Report, which the user can download and which report can then be sent to the board or others within the Organization for review and comments.



The various compliance tasks which have to be performed by the Organization per applicable law, have been unpacked and documented under this area of the system, which component is referred to and known as The Legal Team Compliance Program. The Organization, via an appointed administrator, is able to allocate the compliance tasks to the person or employee within the Organization who is responsible for compliance with that particular law. Once the responsible person has completed the compliance tasks, the system will calculate the level of compliance, which is then reflected in a compliance dashboard, either per law or in respect of all the laws applicable to the Organization and which score will be indicated in the compliance report and related dashboard. This allows the Organization to manage compliance online and remotely.



This feature informs and keeps all users who are registered on the system, updated with regards to regulatory and compliance movements and developments which are done via regular regulatory and compliance alerters being Gazette Watch, The Alerter and our Newsflash. The compliance alerters and regulatory documents and reports, are prepared and sent to all users by the Lee’s Compliance Team via an automated update software tool. The Regulatory & Compliance Update Team include the following update forums:

Gazette Watch – The Gazette Watch is a monthly update, which covers and unpacks, in an analytical manner, all notices housing amendments, alterations, and/or new laws as published in the Government Gazette. This detailed document is usually sent to the client on the 5th of each month covering the contents housed under the Government Gazette over the previous month.

Alerter –The Alerter is a stand-alone document which is sent to the client in the event of an important legal occurrence or happening which cannot be held over until the end of a month. This document seeks to bring to the user’s attention the relevant law, why it has changed or why it is being introduced, as the case may be, who the content applies to and impacts on, the impact and compliance requirements as well as the activities which the user has to implement in order to ensure compliance with the law or notice, as the case may be.

Newsflash – The Newsflash is a weekly publication which brings to the user’s attention legal developments which have occurred over the past week, allowing the user to monitor legal changes or to establish legal trends, permitting proactive risk management and planning on a weekly basis.



The Policy Team is a comprehensive Policy drafting and management tool which:

  • houses a comprehensive policy template library;
  • provides the Organization with a list of policies which it should have in place and which will educate and guide the Organization’s employees, directors and service providers on their respective business and compliance duties and responsibilities;
  • allows, the Organization to upload and store all of its policies which it has in place via an upload function, within the system, which policies are managed via the The Legal Team policy management tool, which policies are, once uploaded, listed in a Policy Register, allowing for policy revision and updates;
  • gives all allocated users access to the Organizations policies where applicable.



The Permit Team is a specific tool which, according to the laws applicable to the Organization, lists the permits, approvals and/or authorizations which the Organization should have in place. Not only does the Permit Team list the Organization’s Permit requirements, it also manages these requirements within a Permit Register / Repository, known as a Permit Management Tool, which includes the following information:

  • the current permits held by the Organization,
  • status of permits,
  • dates of renewal,
  • cost of the permits, as well as the conditions which have to be met by the Organization in terms of the respective permits.



The Report Team is a specific reporting tool which sets out what statutory reports have to be submitted by the Organization as per the applicable laws, the required or prescribed format and the manner in which it is to be submitted as well as the required reporting timelines.



The Audit Team is an automotive auditing tool. This tool houses a checklist, or a series of checklists, per law. The Organization is able via the Compliance Management Tool or via the Audit Team Tool, to program or schedule online audits, testing allocated persons, such as employees or service providers, on their respective compliance levels with the selected and allocated laws.



The Training Team comprises an online e-learning/training portal, which houses a selection of compliance training programs, either in a generic format or in a customised format as per the Organization’s specifications.



The Legal Library is an online compliance library housing all the laws – including National, Provincial and Municipal laws (Acts, Regulations, Notices, and Codes and Rules) which apply to an Organization and its related operations.



Drafting and managing legal documents is a challenge faced by most Organizations. Legal documents are not necessarily limited to contracts, but can include policies, processes, opinions and permits. In order to ensure that a uniform approach is adopted across an Organization, the drafting and storage as well as the management of these documents must be centralised and overseen by a single function.


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