Lee’s Compliance will keep the Client up to date on all things legal by way of the following electronic newsletters: 


The Gazette Watch is a monthly update, which covers and unpacks in an analytical manner all notices housing amendments, alterations, and or new laws as published in the Government Gazette.  


The Alterter is a stand-alone document which is sent to the client in the event of an important legal occurrence or happening, which cannot be held over until the end of a month. This document seeks to bring to the user’s attention the relevant law, why it has changed or why is being introduced as the case may be, who the content applies to and impacts on, the impact and compliance requirements as well as the activities which the user has to implement in order to ensure compliance with the law or notice, as the case may be. 


The Newsflash is a weekly publication which brings to the user’s attention legal developments which have occurred over the past week, allowing the user to monitor legal changes or to establish legal trends, permitting proactive risk management and planning on a weekly basis.