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Lee’s Compliance have drafted a POPIA Template pack.  These templates will have to be implemented at various sites and areas within your ORGANIZATION.  Should you require the full pack or parts of the pack, we are able to assist.  Some of the Templates available in our pack are:


  • POPIA Policy
  • POPIA summary
  • POPIA guideline
  • POPIA processing guide
  • POPIA section 18 notices
  • POPIA contract wording
  • Operator agreement
  • Trans border guideline
  • Document storage and Archiving plan
  • Document destruction guide
  • Email disclaimer
  • Direct marketing guides and opt in forms
  • IT policy review and correlation with POPIA requirements
  • Job description of the Information officer and required delegations to deputy information officers
  • POPIA self assessment checklist


We are able to supply a full pack, single templates, or a template specifically designed for you.  For a quote, please contact us using the buttons below.


If you would like to ENQUIRE FURTHER to our POPIA TEMLATES OFFERING, please request a quote by clicking the link below:

mailto: info@compliancetools.co.za

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