Alison Lee

Alison Lee

NEWSFLASH FOR WEEK 4 (18 – 22 October 2021)

Dear Readers,

Please see below the latest Legal happenings for this week.




New work scenarios bring many issues that need to be considered


Auditing, advisory and tax services firm PwC has announced that 40,000 client services employees based in the US will be permitted to work virtually and live in any location in perpetuity. Those in support staff roles such as human resources and legal operations were given the option to work virtually on a full-time basis some time ago.


However, employees will be required to be at the workplace no more than three days a month to attend team meetings, client visits and training sessions. Employees who choose to work virtually fulltime from a lower-cost location would receive decreased pay.





Key points


An updated PAIA Guide has been published by the Information Regulator, which all Organizations are required to make available on their websites.


Draft amendments to the POPIA regulations have been published for comment.


Rules describing how to lodge a complaint with the Regulator and how the complaint will be handled have been published.


The Regulator’s details have been updated.


Operators – have been unpacked for those who have been finding this area of POPIA difficult to understand.


The European Data Protection Board (EDPB) has published guidelines on the concepts of controller and processor.






No more fowl play? The department of agriculture takes steps to prevent the use of false or misleading descriptions in respect of animal and processed plant products


The Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development (“the Department of Agriculture”) recently sent a letter to all processors, packers, importers, exporters and retailers of animal and processed plant products (“the regulated products”), which products are regulated by the Agricultural Product Standards Act, 1990 (“the Agricultural Act”), confirming a change in approach in applying Section 6 of the Agricultural Act.





South African court confirms binding nature of unrevised adjudicator decisions


South Africa’s Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) has reinforced the purpose of adjudication in settling disputes under construction contracts, confirming that an adjudicator’s decision which has not been revised by a tribunal remains binding and enforceable.


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