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Alison Lee

Alison Lee

MARCH WEEK 3 – BEE codes harmful? – BCEA Overtime compensation – POPIA and M&A deals  – SANITISERS SABS Standards       








New BEE code harms legal profession’s independence and functioning – Sakeliga


The draft BEE code for the legal sector poses a threat to the independence and functioning of the legal profession. The code harms not only the private interests of practitioners, firms, and clients, but also the public interest, given the legal professions’ foundational role in a constitutional order.







Does the exclusion of certain employees under ch 2 of the BCEA mean that those employees are not entitled to be compensated for overtime worked?


Most employment contracts specify that employees are required to work overtime. Section 10 of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act 75 of 1997 (the Act) sets out the minimum conditions and benefits afforded to certain employees who are required to work overtime. However, what is the legal position for employees specifically excluded by the Act?






Why you need to consider PoPI during M&A deals


With the one-year grace period for compliance with the Protection of Personal Information Act (PoPI) ending on 30 June 2021, it’s difficult to think about anything outside of your own organisation’s compliance (well, at least for us compliance fanatics, that is). However, if you’re considering an M&A deal currently or in the future, PoPI should definitely be at top of the list in terms of due diligence and integration.






New compliance standard for hand sanitisers – SABS


Almost a year after South Africa recorded its first Covid-19 case, the use of hand sanitisers has become commonplace, including at workplaces. The South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) has issued a new standard (amended SANS 490) for hand sanitisers.


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